European Network on the Health and Environmental Impact of Nanomaterials


NanoImpactNet has been a multidisciplinary European network on the health and environmental impact of nanomaterials. NanoImpactNet has created a scientific basis to ensure the safe and responsible development of engineered nanoparticles and nanotechnology-based materials and products, and has supported the definition of regulatory measures and implementation of legislation in Europe.

Mr NanoImpactNet Michael Riediker during the final meeting
Juan, Bryony, Lang and others
Panel discussions at annual conference with Georgios Katalagarianakis from EC
Thomas Kuhlbush presenting

It has focused on a strong two-way communication to ensure efficient dissemination of information to stakeholders and the European Commission, while at the same time input from the stakeholders about their needs and concerns was obtained.NanoImpactNet members core groupd consisted of 24leading European research groups active in the fields of nanosafety, nanorisk assessment and nanotoxicology. Through numerous workshops over a period of four years, NanoImpactNet has brought together some of the best researchers to discuss future strategies, to exchange their ideas with the different stakeholder groups and to further the responsible development of nanotechnology.

NanoImpactNet has also collected research protocols from the various FP6 and FP7 projects. 




  • Coordinator: Michael Riediker
  • Co-coordinators: Flemming Cassee and Iseult Lynch
  • Workpackage leaders and members of the Management Committee:
  • WP1 - Human hazards & exposure - Iseult Lynch and Markus Berges
  • WP2 - Hazards and fate of nanomaterials in the environment - Vicki Stone, Teresa Fernandes, Bernd Nowack
  • WP3 - Impact assessment - Maria Dusinska, Cees de Heer
  • WP4 - Communication - Geoffrey Hunt, Juan Riego Sintes
  • WP5 - Integration, nomenclature and ELSI - Barbara Rothen-Rutishauser, Flemming Cassee, Michael Riediker
  • WP6 - Coordination and Project Management - Michael Riediker, Flemming Cassee